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Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 26th 2014 "Gentile Firstfruit Harvest" posted via internet at below link

**UPDATE January 27, 2014**
The Rapture foretold on the below posting by Steve Fletcher
definitely did NOT occur on January 26, 2014
and I believe his posting has been removed.
This is the main blogsite link:
Let me add that the Holy Bible is a 'Spiritual' book which in my opinion

must be taken spiritually and there remains many mysteries of how
the 'Spiritual' applies to our physical world.
"Stay-Tuned" and may God bless your endeavors.

This public posting is making the rounds on the internet which alleges:

January 26th, 2014 is the "Gentile FirstFruits Harvest"

by Steve Fletcher

See this link:

Grab your Holy Bible and do some research.

The below video is in rebuttal to the above information:


Friday, December 20, 2013

Video ref: 'Gates of hell' to OPEN July 27, 2014 & CLOSE September 3, 2014 says Apple's SIRI reply to voice question

via @Siri [ the computer voice recognition software which gives replies] on #Apple >> July 27, 2014 = 'Gates of Hades' or hell to OPEN; the day before Ramadan  AND September 3, 2014 the 'Gates of Hell' to CLOSE.  ??
Direct link below:


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Harold Egbert Camping, President of Family Radio has died at age 92 reports Family Radio Stations, Inc.

Via the news APP @circa on mobile devices >>

 "Family Radio — a radio network that served as an outlet for the apocalyptic predictions of Harold Camping — has announced Camping's death at 92." >>
Also I received an email from Family Stations, Inc. stating that Harold Egbert Camping had fallen in his home in Alameda, California on November 30, 2013 and that he suffered injuries from which he did not recover.
There are new improvements being made to the Family Radio website:
and also a 'new' Facebook page:
- - - - - - - -
Wikipedia has recently updated details at below link:

- - - - - - - -
A memorial page has been created at Find-A-Grave where online, virtual flowers may be posted:
- - - - - - - -
May he rest in peace after a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus Christ.
One of Mr. Camping's most memorable comments was: "Thanks for sharing" to which we add DITTO!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 Apologies for lack of input of late as personal time has been limited & structured toward other activities which include promoting 'Conservatism' conservative views & resistance to the fast-approaching New World Order (NWO) as prophesied in the Holy Bible.
 This particular blog since inception has referenced 'End-of-time' scenarios & those certain dates publicly announced as Rapture dates & Annihilation dates. [Readers will note that these events have NOT happened]
 This post is to relay information that a NEW date of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ is being distributed in certain circles among Bible believers. That date [Nov. 21, 2014] and the countdown clock can be found here.
 FYI: This is not my personal Bible study or predictions; only passing along INFO that I discover.
If you use Facebook, here is the > link < to notes about how this date is derived.
 May Almighty God bless us all in these difficult & trying times; prophesied thousands of years ago.
"To God Be The Glory"

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

✔ PRAYER TIME again on a controversial TOPIC of much importance #Rapture #Jesus #Christ #LORD 2nd Coming 9/23/2015 ?? ►

FYI, ✔ PRAYER TIME again on a controversial TOPIC of much importance

2nd Coming of LORD "Yeshua" commonly called Jesus Christ

Could Holy Bible research provide date-settings details which accurately prove 9/23/2015 as the 2nd Coming ?

I must begin with this DISCLAIMER: "This is NOT my personal prediction or prophecy of future events." I search the internet for materials relevant to the future "Rapture" & "TheEnd" as we humans experience life's future uncertainties. I'm certainly not alone in this endeavor & one of my online associates with a strong desire of Biblical research pointed me to this ministry "Last Trumpet Org Ministries" of Newport Beach, California by a prophet named Douglas Nicholson who states "ONLY THE DEVIL WOULD TEACH THAT YOUR NOT UNDER GOD'S LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS ANY MORE! Paul is that false apostle that the Lord spoke about in Revelation 2:2, see the proof here and more !" [a copyrighted term]

FOR DETAILS @ Last Trumpet Org Ministries ►

Friday, August 17, 2012

✺STOP&WATCH✺ "Rapture" 4:00 P.M. Central Time Sept. 16, 2012 per website: ApocalypticTruth.Com

✺ STOP & WATCH 11 minutes ✺
"Rapture"4:00 P.M. Central Time Sept. 16, 2012 per website: ApocalypticTruth.Com
| NOT my video, only passing it on |

AND this video is thought-provoking also (Sept. 6, 2012) :

My apologies;  I've not posted to this blog in a while; there is just so much happening online, especially on the various social media platforms. Not to ignore the rapidly increasing "Signs Of The Times" which are apparent to most Bible believers worldwide.  There are quite a lot of new programs to check out & determine if you like the way they perform.   Seems most of the techies/geeks/gurus are trying to be the next 'start-up' to succeed like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As always, I suggest PRAY PRAY PRAY withOUT ceasing.  God is in control~! My opinion is the 2nd Coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is only a matter of time, even IF the September 2012 dates are wrong..


Saturday, June 16, 2012

★ 2012 Yes Something (in fact, much) is going on ★ Bible believers pray ✝ Come Lord Jesus ✝

✔ My apologies for being slow to blog.  There is so much activity going on, especially online.  There are several brand-new social media platforms being introduced which I check-out & determine the possible uses in this personal ministry.

Facebook & Twitter are the 'Big Boys' on the block, but start-ups are gaining popularity.  MySpace is getting some needed traction & Google+ seems to be growing at a steady clip.

✺ In no special order, here are three new platforms ( in Beta testing ) with links to my ministry pages:

     ★ Microsoft's SO.CL ( social ) ►

     ★  ►

     ★  ►

Below is an exceptional video (750K+views) which gives a lot of worldwide information ref: "What is going on" & possible explanations.  Scripture verses at the end correlate End-Time current events to prophecy from the Holy Bible.
The 'Signs of the Times' are increasingly prevalent all around us in this physical environment, not to overlook the 'Spiritual' warfare where the forces of  'Good & evil' are manifesting.  Believers DO believe that a holy God is attempting to wake-up mankind to a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Creator.  Sadly, too many persons are worshipping the Creation as opposed to worshipping the Creator as the Bible clearly states.

PRAY PRAY PRAY for God's Mercy in these UNcertain, difficult & trying times.
Also see this ministry's page which is updated more regularly ~